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30 Nov - 02 Dec. 2018



India’s only exhibition dedicated exclusively to the world of bicycles. Covers all types of bikes, accessories, spare parts, clothing and events;
Show open to trade and growing number of bike enthusiasts. A visitor turnout of 10,000+ representing various trade and non-trade categories as well as media is being aimed at;
Show being held right where the market is: Delhi NCR has the highest number of leisure and sports bike enthusiasts in the country;
Provides great visibility and exposure options to grab attention of people that matter through sponsorships, a product demo area, media exposure and special events dedicated to cycling;
Excellent location in Delhi NCR: venue is well connected with airport, metro, railway station and other public transport, all at a short distance to facilitate visitor inflow from across the country;
A LEMS event: we are known for producing high quality events. We gave India its first food & wine event well appreciated by the industry;
A high impact promotion in the media and nationwide direct marketing among trade professionals and enthusiasts to ensure maximum exposure and visibility;
Extensive coverage and build up on social media planned to create a buzz for the exhibitors among target audience before, during and after the show;
Provides the best value for money proposition considering the opportunities it offers to its participants;
A series of networking opportunities, presentations, educational seminars and other special events to further highlight your presence and take advantage of your participation.

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