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30 Nov - 02 Dec. 2018

Participate in the spectacular concurrent events program of IBEX through our exclusive sponsorship options. Maximize your visibility and get unsurpassed exposure for your products among trade professionals and enthusiasts. There are many ways to participate and you can choose the most suitable option to get more out of your presence at the expo.


Choose from our exclusive sponsorship and advertisement packages

Take advantage of our strong promotional campaign in the months directly preceding the event. The IBEX promotional campaign is both inclusive and highly targeted ensuring your message reaches precisely the of audience you want. Engage with our PR team who will work with you to help you get the most out of your participation at the expo. We offer you some of the most amazing, exclusive and unique opportunities to penetrate deeper, leave an indelible mark and create brand recall for your company and brands among your target audience.

Sponsorships   Product Launches
A series of very special privileges are reserved for our highest category Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors

Sponsorship of individual events: You can also be a sponsor of our star events. Sponsorship can be on exclusive, product exclusive or general basis.

  We offer customized solutions to organize product launch, seminars and presentations during the Expo. We conceptualize the whole event, select and invite participants on your behalf as per your choice of categories and take care of all related services to ensure trouble -free execution.
With its highly useful content and thanks to the continuous promotion we undertake, a well placed banner of your company on IBEX website is bound to attract a large number of visitors to your website from all over the world. Confirm your banner advertisement now to avail fabulous inaugural discounts.   An advertisement in IBEX catalogue goes a long way in promoting effective communication with your target client. Literally a compass in the hand of every visitor to the show as well as an important reference tool for those in the business of food and beverage in India, an advertisement in the IBEX catalogue has a long shelf life and your message reaches a large number of target audience over an year. An extremely effective communication tool offering you amazing value for money.

Concurrent Events

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